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Graduate Information

FAQs for Graduate Students in CSD at Southeastern Louisiana University    

Field-Based Clinic 

Q: What are the opportunities for clinical experience? 

A: Graduate students will acquire one or two semesters of practicum experience in Southeastern’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic under the close supervision of our full time, certified clinical faculty. Intermediate and advanced clinical training occurs in the field. Southeastern has contracts with numerous hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, school systems, nursing homes and outpatient clinics within a 60-mile radius of campus. Student clinicians will experience one field-based placement dedicated to pediatrics, one dedicated to adults, and a final, advanced “specialty clinic” intended to allow the student to explore the population and/or clinical environment of her/his choice. University liaisons work closely with field-based supervisors to ensure that each student meets/exceeds the quantity and diversity of contact hours required by ASHA for certification.



For those who are nearing graduation and are trying to figure out what ASHA will need from you:
1. LBESPA License
3. Dues/Fees Payment using the Dues and Fees Schedule [PDF]

4. PRAXIS Exam Scores

5. Official Transcript