Having paid our 2012 taxes we received this bill - again another concocked bill by the corrupt IRS and its evil agents.  We cannot understand these corrupt people of Missouri. But now that we are POOR we have no alternative but to let the WORLD see this America great performance!
02/2013, Lay Ross, resident of hawaii,450-a Manawai Place, Haiku, 96708,310-540-1809, 310-913-1426, 808-573-7801 - Kraft Law Firm, 913-851-1414, 913-338-0107,  ron@kraftlawfirm calls me telling me of the errors committed by the IRS and wants me to submitt a Quit Claim to help him. I told him to seek help from GOD who has it in HIS hands. He offered $500, as an incentive, we would NOT deal with this illegal seizure and all those that do evil AS good, and those that pay evil FOR good.
We are honest, decent, christian, helpful, kind, moral people. But in Missouri these evil racist-like people have used extortion, racketeering, coercion, duress, hateful mannerism, jealoucy, malise, excessive taxation, hurting-cruel humanism against us that were low income middle class. This American Way is not what we deserve nor "looked for" but that of evil people dressed as neighborly people.
2013 YEAR of Unprecedented TRUTH to the America People of their Government, their Corrupt Employees and Leadership!


Under the leadership of Mr.Buttar, this new Organization is working to bring back the Constitutional Rights being violated -TODAY- without any repercusion of the Judicial Branch or the Legislative Branch in the United States of America.
11/2012, Continued illegal taxing by corrupt IRS Agents in Missouri and Florida, the two worst States for IRS FRAUD! GOTO  

Our Truth in a nutshell, cover-up and a Government of corruption...

As mentioned before on the fast seizure and rapid auctioning of our home in Missouri, we are very suspicious, hurt and think it could have been handled to our advantage, but with the Tax Attorney we had and his clandestine behavior, we still request an investigation to this extensive IRS conclusion.  We are even more sadden that the person whom bought this property is a millionaire living in Hawaii.  I have included the 1998 Tax year that led to this whole ordeal. Even while being represented back in 2003 by JKHarris, the Tax Advocate, Zeller clearly states, “the  reason is; $80,ooo sale of the house and the $86,021 , 1099-B proceeds sent to examination for review“. The $80,000 house we sold was less and under the $250,000 which is a “TAX FREE” excludsion from income tax and specifically when buying another home of greater amount of value, which we did.  This is a  IRS Provision,  well known and accepted in ALL 50 States.  As to the $86,021, 1099-B we did buy and sell stocks to which I have sent you my records, but we would like you to know that in 2004, the IRS penalized us irresponsibly in error when showing the sells of our stocks that year and hiding the purchase amount,  that year we owed in error $18000 when sending in copies of the 1099-B again they found the purchase was $17000, so we only made an income of $1000. I am pretty sure they have done the same for 1998 and if you can see the totals in our spreadsheet, we do not owe $86,021, but mostlikely $9000.  We thought the people representing us would have resolved this issue and throughout the years all we have received are empty promises from people sponsored by the Federal Treasury that are suppose to be trained, certified and licensed.  But we did not see this data clearly until 2009, and the confusion by everyone to blame us, give us erroneous advise and seek to be Collectors for the IRS instead of helping us was the outcome.  When we decided to seek, find and personally get involved last year we told Tax Attorney Ira Zuckerman we had these documents he ignored us, refused to help us and intentionally caused our Tax Collection the point of “Seizure” as the only recourse; because of the relentless harassment we have been told by everyone we have spoken to about our case and they advise us to pursue justice.  Again Tax Attorney Ira Zuckerman led us on with promises as; “I have had past experience getting property back from the IRS”, “don’t worry we have that the IRS will stop the Collection process soon”, etc., etc.  Until in January, 2012, we heard come out of his mouth, “get your belongings out of there”.  Sounds like a Collector instead of a Attorney - SAD.


As to the Retirement Funds, because we were focusing on the House seizure, we never thought that the IRS would touch our Retirement, because the Tax Attorney Ira Zuckerman assured us there were more stringent Laws against seizing Retirement Funds, but we were shocked to call him and he knew nothing about our Retirements being emptied.  We found out because we received by mail on January2,2012, directly from TIAA-Cref copies of Form2287 and a copy of the Return Check for $20,670.34. When we called TIAA-Cref they sent us the December 14th letter sent to the Collection Agent but did not copy us nor Tax Attorney Ira Zuckerman.  We have called  TIAA-Cref and Etrade and their position is, “we are obligated to release funds upon notification from the IRS”, “sorry we do not have to convey anything to you(client)”, “too bad” attitude.  We have found that TIAA-Cref  also made an error by releasing $69,850.19 + $25,837.93 and erroneously paid Federal Taxes in addition of; $13,970.04 + $5,167.59, for early withdrawal; when Iris was 60 years old and did not have to pay taxes.  TIAA-Cref once more refuses to correct the 1088-B,  alleging the IRS Collection Agent Jose Caban told them to do it this way and they will only have follow what the IRS says to do.


I hope you can see our fourteen years of chaos, duress, harassment and impoverishment by the IRS, we are awaiting your response to our escalated Tax Case that should have never  gotten to this end. 


Pablo We have the proof buy the Tax Attorneys hired have switched sides to benefit themselves

5/2012 KCPL Tel. 888-471-5275, 816-471-5275, Utility claim ignorance to IRS practices, NASB Mortgage, Taunya Kellam,  of Grandview, MO, Tel.816-765-2200 claims , "never recei8ved paperwork on transfer of ownership, TIAA-CREF, Nadria Cesar 800-842-2733, handed over accounts to fradulent IRS Agent without allowing our Tax Attorney to resolve"????? A system of conspiracy, extortion and malaise from the Federal Governement of America...
[usurpian government -John Adams]... a government that seizes property without any right. We have fled Missouri's ruthless, hateful and malicious people, they now claim "it would best serve the US to steal property from our poor family". America has become a country of the Rich and Rich Governments! There are no US Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights, Taxpayers Rights, just bend over and let become richer at the expense of the poor. Has anyone heard of the rich or rich Federal Governement being seized? http://www.petitiononline.com/tax/petition.html No not anylonger while the truth becomes more and more reality - Americans have no Rights!
Cheryl Mann, Kyle Kofoid #1000535506, Tel. 785-231-1075,
tAX Attorney Ira Zuckerman Tel. 954-922-1976,http://taxmaniandevil.com,
Senator Bill Nelson, Tel. 888-671-4091,
Scott Prentky, Tel.800-829-1040, 
Robert Brown Tel. 501-366-0098,
Eden Simpson, Tel.816-966-2437,
Jose Caban,State of Florida IRS Tel.305-982-5045   dsoto@mylawsolution.com
A house with acreage valued at $200,000, sold to family and friends for $30,000, less than 10% of value! 
This is an American Illegal Seize and Siezure
Below is when we tried to sell property as we left to Florida to seek legal help; the irs while in florida came and stole our property as cash deal!!


 Because of the incompetent poltical system NOT of the people within America- the IRS and its corrupt employees decided to steal our house and become Realtors, they practically made a mess and have sold an illustrious home for pennies for no other reason because they are hateful, racist, bigoted Government employees without conscience to do this to a POOR family - by doing this we have paid this Federal Government over $440,000 way more than any POOR person in America and way over what any of these criminally directed IRS employees will ever pay or has ever had to pay a communist nation - United States of America...
We have paid from 2003-2011 $123 stolen from daughters babysitting bank account, $24000 paid to corrupt Tax Attornies, $65000 in payment plans, bank liens and garnishments, $300000 for property with 10 acreas, $95000 403B Retirement Fund, $11000 IRA Retirement Fund, $9900 confiscated Tax refunds, $3600 confiscated stimulous checks, etc. etc.... all this equals $495123!
Today the IRS has damaged our Credit Bureau with 15 erronenous data entries, continues illegal garnishment, says we have to pay for income on Retirement funds and appreciation of properrty the IRS seized, has reported us as Tax Protesters limiting us to jobs and freedom within America and.... says we still owe $45000! Utility Company KCPL PO Box 219703 KCMO 64121, 816-471-5275, 888-471-5275, ignored our letters sent in /january that our house was seized and now wants us to pay for the time the IRS had stolen home from us ?! A society and community sponsoring consumer fraud!!!
2010,  We are living in paradise retirement! But we now have decided to sell this wonderful home.  You will not find a home with the value, country living and price as this one.  $265,000 ! We will consider Sell, Swap(inFlorida) or Lease to Buy Contract. Email us your bid! 
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