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We can help you get out of the situation you're in. We buy houses that realtors wouldn't touch. We buy houses from owners who are within weeks of declaring bankruptcy or losing their home. And we buy them quickly, many times closing within seven days of the date you accept our offer. Home Option Solutions doesn’t need to rely on funding from banks. We are a private investment company, and we can get the money to you or the bank fast. If you can’t wait, need to get paid, or need to pay someone else right away, you need to call us. The sooner the better.

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1) Need to Sell House Fast  
2) Need Cash  
3) Research Selling Options  
4) Call Home Option Solutions 1-888-805-8055  
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You may have considered just listing it with a real estate agent. That’s great! But consider this. If you have a lot of time and a lot of equity that might work for you. But, if you insist on using an agent, let me give you a few free tips. First of all you want to ask the realtor some key questions like, "Are you fast?, Other than putting this on the MLS, and wait, what specific plans to you have to market this house?, What is your budget for my house?, Can you show me a list of happy customers that you’ve had that had with my exact same problem that you fixed?" Understand one thing. That to a realtor, time is their friend. Because they know that they will list it, probably a little high, (which is how the auction mentality works and they know people are going to want to bargain), and then wait. They know that over time, that the more people that poke their nose through your stuff, scary looking people too by the way, the more they do that, the more motivated you will get. See, you don’t have that time. Time is your enemy. Just as certain as there is day and night, you often have to wait a L--O--N--G time and you may not want to wait - or maybe you can't wait!

Now the way we work instead, is that we actually Buy your house and you'll know exactly how much you'll get, the real numbers, without waiting it out. Do you think the Realtor truly feels how quick you need to find a buyer while you are making payments, paying for yard maintenance, insurance, taxes, and utilities? It takes an average of 30-60 days for financing approval of a buyer--not to mention to locate a buyer to begin with. What if the financing falls through. And what if the entire process took longer than SIX MONTHS?

I buy houses that the Realtors won't touch or can't close when YOU need to close because of one difference-- I GET PERSONALLY INVOLVED! If your property qualifies and you need me to move quickly or to wait until you have another house built, I'll close when you're ready, now or later. When I agree to purchase your house it is a serious matter and I treat it as my own. So fill out the form below to see how we may be able to help you. Remember, there's no obligation.

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