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Micros Opera JInitiator



Date Created

 December 17, 2010


During the initial setup of Micros Opera - Property Management System PMS a problem was observed where when attempting to launch Opera's client side application.  Internet Explorer would crash.  A message displaying a problem with the web-page has caused Internet Explorer to close would appear after restarting Internet Explorer.  After much research and trial and error it was discovered that Oracle's Jinitator was to blame.  This was further expanded upon in the blog posting of "My World".


Jinitator is a JVM made and distributed by the Oracle Corporation.  It is used by Oracle to run client applications inside a web browser.  For more information visit the wikipedia page for Jinitiator.

My World

The solution to this problem was posted and discovered on the "My World" blog and must be given credit for providing the work around to this problem.  The original posting can be found here.


By replacing the JVM.dll used by Oracle's Jinitiator with the JVM.dll found in Sun Microsystem's JRE 1.6 the Oracle application will launch without crashing Internet Explorer 8.

  1. Download the JVM.dll from here or supplied attachments listed below (This can also be found in Sun's JRE 1.6)
  2. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Oracle\Jinitiator\bin\hotspot"
  3. Rename the existing jvm.dll
  4. Copy the new jvm.dll to this directory
  5. Restart Internet Explorer
  6. Attempt to run Opera application again

Additional Comments

It was originally thought the the problem was due to DEP (Data Execution Protection), Mozilla Firefox being installed, or the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  While  it is has been proven that Adobe Acrobat X does not work with the Opera PMS system, Firefox and DEP do not appear to cause problems running the application, as long as the solution above has been applied.

Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader Version X will prevent the Opera client side application from working properly.  Client application will attempt to install Adobe Reader 9.1 and upon failing will display a message that a newer version of Adobe Reader is already installed.  Attempting to launch the client application again will cause the same result, preventing the user from ever accessing the application.

Applies To

  • Windows XP Professional SP3
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Micros Opera PMS System
  • Java Run Time Environment 1.6
  • Jinitiator

Matthew Mussio,
Dec 20, 2010, 2:09 PM