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  • Bending Stress Computation For Submersible Pump Steel Platform

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to a self-taught Engineer web site.

As a self-taught engineer,
I would like to dedicated this site to sharing my
experience and know-hows in machine design and to promote recycle engineering practice as well.

My strategy to achive the above objectives is by showing a couple of my machine design projects and how I use SOLIDWORKS and MATHCAD software to design the machine. In short, it will be a tutorial mainly on using SOLIDWORKS and MATHCAD in real-life machine design projects.
Main Project
  • Floating Excavator Dredger


The machine is designed and fabricated in order to carry out dredging works within pump intakes. The sediments such as sludges, sand and gravels will be excavated by the floating excavator mounted onto the pontoons.

Recycle & Reverse Engineering

The design and fabrication of the dredger and the barge are based on a recycle engineering concept in which the old unused machines and equipments are reused. These machines are redesigned, reverse engineered and rebuilt in order to suit the new functionalities.

Discharging Dredged Materials

The dredged materials then will be transported to the downstream of the river by a custom made barge for discharge.

  PaddleWheel Barge Propulsion System                             

Since the barge will be operated in a critical shallow water, a conventional screw propeller is considered ineffective for such situation. Alternatively, paddlewheel propulsion system is opt to drive the barge.

Dredger In Action                                                           
In-house design & build excavator dredger being tested - dredging sludge out of pump intake of KEMUBU II pump house, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.
Other Projects ( Coming Soon )