North Hall High School

North Hall is located north of Gainesville, Georgia in between Murrayville and Clermont. There is a fairly high population of people in Hall County given its size, so the population density is high as well. The community is very involved with the education of students at North Hall High School through support for sports booster clubs, teacher appreciation lunches, as well as involvement on the school board.

The school has a great system of administrators who work diligently to keep teachers informed and also to hold them accountable for helping students learn and bring success into the halls of North Hall High School. The teachers, especially within the math department work together and discuss problems they may be having, or a successful lesson tactic that has worked for them. Collaboration is a daily part of North Hall and is essential for teachers to have a chance at being successful at creating an atmosphere that is conducive to student learning.

Philosophy of Education

Education is not only important for the increase of knowledge, but it teaches students how to build a work ethic and self esteem that can be carried with them well beyond the bounds of my classroom. That's what I'm in education for; I want to make difference in students' lives, not only with an increased knowledge of math, but also some tools to be used in everyday life. 

A blend of two of the generic philosophies of education fit both my style of learning and teaching. Progressivism and essentialism make up this pair of philosophies. One of these deals with the teacher teaching the basics, while the other relies on the teacher facilitating the learning, which is done in part by exploration by the students themselves. Since I am going into mathematics education, which is a subject learned by both doing and observing, progressivism and essentialism both fit the bill for my teaching style. In my classroom, I believe uniformity will be the key to the success of myself as well as the students I am teaching. That uniformity will go beyond the classroom, into my interactions with the students' parents. and my actions within the community I teach in. An involved teacher is most times a teacher who cares and has compassion for his/her students.

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