Planning meeting minutes

Next meeting is going to take place at SOAS on Saturday, 23rd October 2010.

Nigel Vincent will be an invited speaker and could talk about topics such as:

  • Paraphrastic constructions and the morphosyntax interface
  • LFG in theoretical pantheon (comparing LFG to other topics)
  • Historical Linguistics and LFG

Format of conference and starting time was agreed to be convenient for all. Proposal was made for the speakers to work towards a 40 min presentation to allow for more time for discussions and feedback.

The following have offered to present a talk in the next meeting:

  • Andrew Spencer (on a topic relevant to periphrastic constructions)
  • Nigel Vincent on a topic of his choice
  • Bedour AlSharifi on Tough constructions in Arabic
  • Louisa Sadler on a topic relevant to Nigel’s talk
  • Kakia Chatsiou on Relative Clauses in Modern Greek
  • A SOAS student on Resultatives