Cheap Health Insurance Plans - Individual, Family Or Self-Employed

It is estimated that approximately 47 million Americans are currently living without health care insurance. The majority of uninsured individuals and families forgo medical care until an emergency situation calls for unavoidable care at the hospital emergency room. When this happens the uninsured person gets saddled with an incredible amount of debt from medical bills. Often times, families end up filing for bankruptcy in order to start over fresh.

The fact is, there are affordable health insurance policies available to all Americans. Families who require medical, dental and vision care but have minimal cash to spend, can opt for high deductible plans to reduce their monthly premiums.

There are two types of insurance programs, namely indemnity or managed care plans. Managed care plans are those that you are most familiar with and include HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) and POS (Point of Service) plans.

Managed care plans often require you to select a PCP (primary care physician) who is your main doctor. If you need access to a specialist, you can get a referral from your main doctor. Some of these plans also have networks and it is cheaper to use health care professionals within the network. Indemnity plans offer more flexibility in using your own care physicians, however they require you to pay for your expenses and then seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Most consumers use managed care plans.

How do I find cheap health insurance, if I'm currently uninsured?

Each state has various insurance providers. The best way to find a policy with the lowest premium is to shop all providers. Consumers can usually do this by getting health insurance quotes, online. 

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