Personal Health Records

When we think about important members of the care team that ensures we are healthy and well, we are quick to point out our physician, nurses, physical therapists and other health care professionals. But the most important part of that team is often left off. That team member? You.

By thoughtfully gathering pertinent information about your health, keeping it in an organized manual, and securing a primary care provider you can call on regularly for well checks and when needs arise, you can greatly improve the quality of care you receive.  The process is called “medical self-care” and is the first key step to improving the efficiency and quality of the health care you receive. 

Take Charge provides an organized structure to assist you in identifying and collecting the most essential health information that is important for every person to have in their own hands. In the end, the Take Charge Manual will contain your very own personal health record (PHR) along with other helpful materials.  This vital personal health information will help you and your health care provider create a partnership for better health and health care. 

Here is what you will be asked to do each week to enrich and expand your experience and self-care.  You will: 
1) Read a short Educational material
2)     Complete a “Weekly Challenge” to gather specific information
3) Take on a “Bonus Challenge”.

If you complete all eight weekly challenges, you will receive a binder to store your PHR.  (The educational materials do not need to be read, nor the “Bonus Challenges” completed, to receive the binder.) Your Take Charge Manual will be the end result of combining your PHR with additional helpful information into your free binder.  Keep track with this Take Charge:  PHR Checklist.  When you have completed the program, e-mail it to  Your binder will be mailed to you (while supplies last).

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