In Tune

STRESS – it’s an unavoidable consequence of life. There are those everyday stressors like work deadlines, traffic congestion, and challenging coworkers. And then there are major stressors like strained relationships, financial difficulties, and care-giving.


Eliminating everyday stressors from our life is unrealistic. Learning how to change our response to these stressors is the key. And that’s important as concern is growing about the long term wear and tear that all of this stress has on our body. Experts believe that elevated stress levels are contributing to the development of heart disease, digestive problems, sleeping disorders, as well as obesity.


In Tune is a 6-week campaign that will challenge you to tune in to your stressors and fine tune proven stress management strategies that will help keep day-to-day stress levels out of the danger zone.


WHO is the campaign designed for?

This challenge is designed for those just considering making meaningful lifestyle changes to those who are already practicing healthful habits. The real emphasis of this campaign is on identifying effective strategies for managing daily stressors.

WHAT is the campaign goal?

The goal of every wellness incentive challenge is to provide you with the tools to make meaningful and healthful lifestyle changes. This challenge focuses on putting a variety of strategies in place to manage daily stress. You will work on strategies in different categories each week and rate your stress to determine what works best for you.

WHEN and WHERE do I need to complete activities?

Daily stress is all around us, so you will be encouraged to test out your management strategies just about anywhere.  

WHY is it important that I participate?

By tuning in to daily stress and finding effective ways to manage it, we can more fully enjoy life. Once we identify strategies that work for us, we are well on our way to thriving instead of simply existing.

HOW will my progress be tracked?
You will download materials each week.  During the first week of the challenge, you will simply rate your level of stress each day and record three areas of your life that are causing you stress. During weeks 2 through 6, you will record which strategies you used daily while you continue to record your stress level. At the end of the challenge, you can e-mail your tracking form to
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