Leading through Crisis and Change: Self-Care for Leaders

“Taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally will be crucial to your success. You can achieve none of your leadership aims if you sacrifice yourself to the cause.”        -- Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, and Marty Linsky (1) 

Change permeates today’s business environment. Outside forces like natural disasters, environmental disasters, terrorism and violence, and financial crisis often usher it in. Mergers, acquisitions, and organizational restructure are also culprits. Despite the reason for change, it often brings with it challenges and stress, particularly for those being asked to change.

Business literature abounds with advice on how to lead through crisis and change: act quickly, manage anxiety and resistance, share decision-making, and communicate with transparency. What this literature often forgets is that, though we are change agents tasked with championing the change or providing the direction, leaders are also an impacted audience experiencing our own fears and uncertainties. To be an effective leader of change, you must be aware of your own needs as well as those of the people you lead. The following pages take you through three tips on leader self-care during change.

Tip #1 -  Mind your  body

Marcia Reynolds on Self Care for Leaders

Marcia's Self-Care Checklist