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    Welcome to the Alpine Projekt website. You can keep up on all of our activities and posts as we explore Germany and Switzerland, investigate engineering firms, and look into their Universities.  We gladly invite any warm wishes or questions on our correspondence page here.     

    To find out more about our journey in choosing Germany and Switzerland and our road to getting there, see our explanation here.

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  • Au Revoir, et Merci By Matt VestalHaving safely landed in Kansas City last night, it is finally time to call our trip complete. With the seven hour time difference, all nineteen of us will certainly be struggling with jet lag over the next few days, making the imminent first day of classes even less desirable. But none of us could imagine cutting this trip any shorter. At this time, we, the 2013 class of KU Engineering SELF Leadership Fellows, would like to thank all of you who have supported us in this life-changing endeavor. This pertains to not only our donors, but also our parents, family-members, friends, and KU faculty. We are very eager to share our experiences with each of ...
    Posted Aug 18, 2012, 11:57 AM by Matt Toft
  • Day 9: United Nations By Camille Fittell Our final visit for The Alpine Projekt was a tour of the United Nations here in Geneva, Switzerland. The tour guide was surprised to hear we are all engineering students and did his best to entertain us. The UN is compiled of 193 member states that each have two to six representatives. The first, medium sized conference room only contained 700 seats, which is considered medium sized compared to the largest 2,000-seat conference room. Each conference room is equipped with translators for the six main languages—English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese-Mandarin and Russian. However, the working languages are English and French. With so many member states, tensions can run high so there are many ...
    Posted Aug 16, 2012, 11:12 PM by Matt Toft
  • Day 9: Geneva, Final Morning By Erik DeddensOur final morning began with our first cloudy sky. Fine wisps of clouds hovered over the lake this morning while dark ominous clouds hung far over the mountains. After another extravagant breakfast we headed over to our tour of Lake Geneva offered through CGN, Compagnie Generale de Navigation. The character of Geneva is found in the nearly silent murmurs of French couples and bicycle chimes only to be interrupted by the startling deep horn of the boat. As the tour continued the mountains disappear across the vast stillness of the lake, blanketed behind a light fog. We pass by docks full of thin masts and acres of large extravagant mansions. The life of luxury surrounding this chapter ...
    Posted Aug 16, 2012, 11:10 PM by Matt Toft
  • Day 8: Four Countries in 24 Hours Four countries in 24 hours: Germany, Austria (briefly on the train), Switzerland and France (part of CERN).By Chris HudsonOur first full day in Geneva was packed full of exciting visits. We began the day in a room overlooking the central command center at CERN, which was stock full of monitors displaying real-time information on several running experiments. We learned a lot about the history of CERN and a bit about how massive the facility is. CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, runs on about as much power as small city and its biggest particle collidor, the LHC, measures twenty-seven kilometers (about seventeen miles) in diameter! The facility is so massive that CERN is ...
    Posted Aug 16, 2012, 3:15 PM by Matt Toft
  • Day 7: BMW and Leaving Germany By Ryan PoffGuten Tag! Our time in Munich has unfortunately come to a close. Our final day was spent going to the BMW museum. On the way we saw the Olympic Garden where the 1972 Olympics were held. These parks contain tent-like roof structures on all of the stadiums and are the world’s largest. Once arriving at the BMW museum, a recognized theme of all the car museums that we have visited was apparent. The architecture of all of the BMW buildings was incredible and it is obvious that the German car manufacturers are very proud of the brand that they create. They spend a lot of money on making their museums very impressive. On a side ...
    Posted Aug 14, 2012, 11:16 PM by Matt Toft
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