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My name is Selena Knight and this webpage is an electronic portfolio showcasing the technology skills that I have learned as part of my Educational Technology Masters.  I have included links to one of my Blogs, to my Educational Philosophy, to artifacts demonstrating my technology skill, to my historical timeline of technology affecting the library in the 90's, and a self-assessment.

I have just recently finished my fourth year of teaching at John Horn High School in Mesquite where I taught Accounting, Business Law and Business Computer Information Systems.  Next year, I am proud to say that I will be taking on the role of librarian at AC New Middle School also in Mesquite.  I am a voracious reader and I love technology, so I feel confident that my new position will be a great opportunity for me.

I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters (their photo is included on my blog), and the wife of a principal.  Needless to say, our family places a very high priority on education.  On a personal note, in addition to a love of reading, I am also a dedicated runner.  I run daily and I have completed several organized runs.  I have included my marathon training schedule on an embedded Google calendar on my blog if you are interested in training!  My next big challenge is training for the Rock 'N Roll Marathon this November in San Antonio.

Enjoy looking through the links on the left to get a better feel for my stand on technology integration in schools, and feel free to contact me at the listed e-mail with any comments or questions.