All comments below are 100% genuine

Comments from clients and their friends:

''Hi Selena,
Paul has just very kindly sent me a copy of his latest book Frogger, and wow!!! Once again I am STUNNED that someone like you who does fine art can switch so effortlessly between top quality artwork and book illustrations which capture so perfectly each scene! Do you have two brains which allow you to jump between classic art and quick sketches? lol. Your work is so different, outstanding, and original!

No seriously Selena, I've enjoyed Paul's books immensely, but your illustrations add such an incredible dimension which don't just add to the stories - they bring each section to life in the reader's imagination in such an amazing way.

Thank you so very much Selena, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help and support for Paul - he's such an incredible person and an absolute joy to know.

... I absolutely LOVE your illustrations Selena - many congratulations!

Due to personal circumstances I've been pretty much out of internet marketing for quite a few months now, but once I get back to full time again I'll be more than glad to include a backlink to your fantastic work.

With Very Best Wishes,

John Hughes,
UK.''   15 April 2013

''Thank you Selena. I received the portrait. Its amazingly well done... Thank you again. You made my day!!!''
Kadri Kumm, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Australia, 19 March 2012

''I think again it is an amazing job by yourself, I'm very happy with it. You have done an incredible job again... The family vine is exactly what I imagined. You really are very clever and talented. I am very happy with it.''
Michael Doo, Miami, Gold Coast, Australia, 28 November 2011

''First and foremost, Selena is a wonderful artist. With very few directions and communications only by email (USA to Australia) she has produced some wonderful children's book covers for me. I would recommend Selena to anyone who is looking for that extra special artiste that still works in the world of 'real drawing' and does not need a computer to do everything.''
John Cox, Book Author, Redmond, WA, USA, 24 March 2011

''FANTASTIC WORK! Thank you Selena''
Anthony, Baltimore, USA, 22 March 2011

''Excellent as usual!''
Kim Eskola, Morristown, TN, USA, 12 March 2011

''Most professional and delight to work with. Very talented artist!''
Kim Eskola, Morristown, TN, USA, 10 March 2011

''Excellent artist and wonderful person to work with! Could not ask for better. Thank you for a great project! Looking forward to more~''
Kim Eskola, Morristown, TN, USA, 19 February 2011

''If you need a true professional who does incredible/beautiful work contact Selena. I have been fortunate to have found her and have used her services 3 times in as many weeks and she has created first class work each time. Thank you Selena.''
Anthony, Baltimore, USA, 26 January 2011

''Selena is incredible. Beautiful work, fast and reliable. Thank you again Selena.''
Anthony, Baltimore, USA, 19 January 2011

''Selena has done an exceptional job. Her work is absolutely beautiful and I would recommend her services to everyone. Thank you Selena.''
Anthony, Baltimore, USA, 11 January 2011

''Selena is the consummate artist. A multi-talented illustrator able to paint and draw in charcoal, pencil, pastel, and pen and ink in both black and white and colour. But what is more exciting is her innate ability to capture a mood or meaning from the written word, so important in book illustration. Knowing precisely what is required, she can produce it quickly and professionally, not only illustrating the story perfectly but actually enhancing the script to bring something extra - depth and movement. Selena is without a doubt one of the most skilled, reliable, and efficient illustrators I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with. The illustrations in Knights of Bonalla bear testament to the many artistic skills of Selena Boron who has brought an added dimension to the book.''
Paul England, Book Author, Sydney, Australia, 18 May 2010

An extract from Paul England's email of 30 March 2010 to Selena Boron:
''I have mentioned several times my opinion of your illustrations, but I have also shown them to others directly involved in the book. My wife and two daughters are of the same opinion as me, but more importantly so is John Hughes who wrote the review. Here is an extract from his most recent email to me: ''You've found a real gem in Selena! This latest illustration is yet another work of art which is nothing short of brilliant. She's a very talented lady, and these drawings not only enhance your books, they really "bring them to life''. Your stories are great to start with Paul, but these additions capture the very essence of each scene, and I love the way she can visualise all the key elements and translate them into superbly-crafted images''.''
John Hughes, Publisher, AuthorHouse, Edinburgh and USA, March 2010

Comments from website visitors:

''Selena, super, super... Bravo!''
Mirce Nesovski, Skopje, Macedonia, through www.facebook.com/SelenaBoronFineArt, 4 November 2012

''What an amazing art work! Masterpieces! I am speechless!''
Sanja Dukic, Osijek, Croatia, through www.facebook.com/SelenaBoronFineArt, 6 October 2012

''Me suis permise le partage ....car serait dommage de ne pas partager votre art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' (''Allowed myself to share.... because it  would be a shame not to share your art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'')
Charlotte Dumel, through www.facebook.com/SelenaBoronFineArt, 3 July 2012

''Excellent job Selena! You're truly an inspiration to many aspiring Artists like me... Keep up the good work!''
Segundo T. Lustria Jr., Professional Artist/Animator, through www.facebook.com/SelenaBoronFineArt, 3 June 2012

''I love your work, it's unique and beautiful...''
Liam O Conaire, Artist, Limerick, Munster, Ireland, 24 March 2011

''Selena you have a great portfolio''
Cliff Uepa, Artist, Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand, 8 January 2011

''... Once again though, I really did enjoy viewing your paintings. They're so beautiful and honest - just vibrantly passionate. Dancers, actors, artists... What we produce is just so much more well received when it's from the heart, and I can see that you're producing and translating your feelings through your artwork. So thank you. 
All the best and I hope to see more of Miss Selena Boron's masterpieces in the future.''
Christopher Charles Mifsud, Adelaide, Australia, 18 June 2010

''I love the emotive textures used throughout the shown artwork. Miss Boron obviously puts a lot of heart and soul into her work in order to capture the beauty of womanhood and mother nature.''
Christopher Charles Mifsud, Adelaide, Australia, 14 June 2010

''Hi Selena,
I just had to email you to say your artwork is truly amazing and some of your pieces really "spoke to me"... if I had a spare $10,000+ I would buy each of those particular pieces!!!
Have added your site to my favourites and will come back regularly to dream!!!
Warm Regards,
Kel :-)''
Kelly Prince, 28 December 2009

And below is one of the best testimonials any artist could ever wish for:
On Friday, 25th September 2009, the Gallery Director of Royal Queensland Art Society, Mignon Sticha, told Selena Boron that everybody in the Royal Queensland Art Society (incl. tutors?) thinks that her paintings can not be original, that they are just too good to be originals and that they must have been created by painting on top of printed images on canvas. This is totally wrong, all Selena Boron's paintings are 100% original, created without any printers whatsoever! Selena Boron challenges anybody to watch her paint, starting with a totally blank canvas and not even looking at any subject or photo!
Below is a copy of Selena's reply, it is self-explanatory: