Illustrations Testimonials:
''First and foremost, Selena is a wonderful artist. With very few directions and communications only by email (USA to Australia) she has produced some wonderful children's book covers for me. I would recommend Selena to anyone who is looking for that extra special artiste that still works in the world of 'real drawing' and does not need a computer to do everything.''

John Cox, Book Author, Redmond, WA, USA, 24 March 2011

''Selena is the consummate artist.
A multi-talented illustrator able to paint and draw in charcoal, pencil, pastel, and pen and ink in both black and white and colour.
But what is more exciting is her innate ability to capture a mood or meaning from the written word, so important in book illustration.
Knowing precisely what is required, she can produce it quickly and professionally, not only illustrating the story perfectly but actually enhancing the script to bring something extra - depth and movement.
Selena is without a doubt one of the most skilled, reliable, and efficient illustrators I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with.
The illustrations in Knights of Bonalla bear testament to the many artistic skills of Selena Boron who has brought an added dimension to the book.''

Paul England, Book Author, Sydney, Australia, 18 May 2010
An extract from Paul England's email of 30 March 2010 to Selena Boron:
''I have mentioned several times my opinion of your illustrations, but I have also shown them to others directly involved in the book. My wife and two daughters are of the same opinion as me, but more importantly so is John Hughes who wrote the review. Here is an extract from his most recent email to me: ''You've found a real gem in Selena! This latest illustration is yet another work of art which is nothing short of brilliant. She's a very talented lady, and these drawings not only enhance your books, they really ''bring them to life''. Your stories are great to start with Paul, but these additions capture the very essence of each scene, and I love the way she can visualise all the key elements and translate them into superbly-crafted images''.''
John Hughes, Publisher, AuthorHouse, Edinburgh and USA, March 2010

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''Knights of Bonalla'' book review:
Following on from helping to edit and proof-read Paul's first highly successful non-fiction book ''Voyage of a Lifetime'', I couldn't wait to see his first fiction series, and was anything but disappointed. Paul has a very unique ability to ''see'' into young minds and capture the very essence of their imaginations to lead them into whole new worlds of possibilities and scenarios. He takes and encourages youngsters to a whole new level of possibilities and stimulates their imaginations in exactly the same way by suggesting: What if.....
Paul has managed to encapsulate everything an enquiring young mind wants to know - what might just lie ''out there'' beyond our understanding of the world we live in.
John Hughes, Edinburgh
About the author:
Paul England, a long time resident of Narooma, has been writing books and short stories for over 40 years. Many of his works have been published in Australia and abroad, in magazines and on radio.
About this book:
Brad and Lee, best friends, could not have imagined seeing a UFO, let alone going inside one. Those momentous events on Goanna Hill would be etched in their minds forever. But the things they saw and learned would have a drastic effect on their lives, sometimes funny, sometimes exciting, even putting them in mortal danger at times. The secret they shared put them at odds with authority but drew the bonds of their friendship even closer. The day would come, however, when that friendship would be tested to the limit!
The book is recommended for 9 - 13 year olds and is available from leading retailers in the USA and UK and from - direct link .
Signed by the illustrator copies are available directly from the artist - email .

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