Free Gifts

Free Gifts for Friends, Fans and Visitors

FREE IMAGES. You have Selena Boron's permission to copy any of the Selena Boron's images on this page (on this page only and only images with the link ''Click Here to go to the download page - it will open in a new window'' underneath) for your personal use - you can print it out and hang it on the wall, put it on your desk, kids can take it to school and show to their friends and teachers, parents can print it out and give as a gift to their children, it can be used in greeting cards etc. All for free. Absolutely no catch - you don't have to buy anything or sign up anywhere, simply copy the image to your computer and enjoy! Only one condition - the image has to be reproduced in full, it can not be cropped or modified in any way. Of course you are most welcome to add some text or even another image somewhere around it but not on the image itself - for example if you are making a birthday card you can add ''Happy Birthday'' above or below but not on the image itself.

The images on the download pages are 994 pixels wide and print well up to about A4 size, depending on the printer and software/hardware used.