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11 incredibly common driving errors – and how to fix them

posted 5 Nov 2018, 00:14 by selectdrivinghalifax

We’re afraid to say that you may have been driving the wrong way for all these years. But you’re far from alone. Here’s the What Car? guide to common motoring errors, and how to avoid them:

Would you trust other people to do this?

posted 2 Nov 2018, 00:46 by selectdrivinghalifax

I can see this working with autonomous cars but with some of the driving I see each day there's no way I'd trust my fellow road-users!

13 driving laws you've probably never heard of but could land you in trouble

posted 22 Oct 2018, 01:03 by selectdrivinghalifax

It's worth learning these obscure laws because you could potentially save yourself from a needlessly hefty fine

Learner drivers: How teaching someone to drive could land them a driving ban and HUGE fine

posted 18 Oct 2018, 23:05 by selectdrivinghalifax

Motorists are being warned that they could land a driving ban, unlimited fine and up to eight points on their provisional licence while teaching them to drive.

Urban Myths about Drivng

posted 15 Oct 2018, 05:04 by selectdrivinghalifax

A lot of 'laws/rules' you may hear about are actually urban myths, here are 8 for a starter plus one that is true!

Do you need to get your eyesight checked, don't leave it too late!

posted 12 Oct 2018, 00:31 by selectdrivinghalifax

Don't risk your safety and that of others or a fine.

Why are people still not wearing seat belts?

posted 29 Sep 2018, 10:37 by selectdrivinghalifax

Figures showing that more than one in four car occupants who were killed in crashes in Britain last year were not wearing a seat belt have been described as "shocking" by both road safety campaigners and the government.

Don't Let Scammers Sell You FAKE 'Cheap' Car Insurance

posted 20 Sep 2018, 12:24 by selectdrivinghalifax

Warning over 'ghost brokers' selling fake car insurance to students and teenagers - https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/students-ghost-brokers-fake-insurance-15166738

Britain’s 45 million licence holders drive more than 300 billion vehicle miles a year.

posted 12 Apr 2018, 23:13 by selectdrivinghalifax   [ updated 12 Apr 2018, 23:14 ]

Between 2006 and 2016 Great Britain made a lot of progress in road safety, and road 
deaths went down by 44%. But 1,792 people still died on our roads in 2016.
Motorcyclists account for around 1% of traffic on Great Britain’s roads, but about 18% of 
those killed or sustaining life-changing injuries.

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