Seldom Strikers Bowling Team Results

A detailed account of just how badly we lose.

Past matches:

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006:

The Spare Tires

Lost (460-493, 472-470, 452-501)

The Spare Tires spared no mercy in their crushing victory. Still, they're good sports, and we had a great time. Their team captain, Pete, was kind enough to give us each a 10%-off coupon for next we visit the Spare Tires' employer, Go-Go Auto.

Wednesday, February 15nd, 2006:

The Stack Frames

Lost (443-492, 470-478, 474-483)

The Stack Frames work are a fun group of software engineers. We hardly understand what they do for a living, but we fully comprehended their superior bowling skills. The Frames' Kelly and our Emily are really good friends (Jim and Emily always call Kelly to fix their computer problems).

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006:

The Lawyer on the Lanes

Lost (481-470, 462-478, 465-470)

A few young lawyers from Henderson & Henderson Law Office are apparently nearly as good at bowling as they are at writing briefs. They came straight from a late night at the office, bowling in their slacks, shirts, and ties. It was a funny sight.

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