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An Update on Mike's Thumb

Mike just wants to thank everybody out there for the nice cards and flowers you've all sent him. As you know, two weeks ago, Mike's thumb got stuck in a bowling ball during the first game, which resulted in having to make a quick trip to the emergency room after our match.

Mike, ever the trooper, kept on bowling the last two games after getting his thumb stuck. He bowled left handed, with his right hand still stuck in another ball, and still managed to pull of a respectable 98 and 106.

Fortunately, Mike's thumb is fine. The doctor was able to get Mike's thumb out with some ice, some butter, and a very hard pull. Nothing was seriously hurt but Mike's pride. Hang in there, Mike!


Jim and Emily are Engaged!

Jim and Emily, both members of the Seldom Strikers, are engaged. It happened at last night's match.

Apparently, the day before our match, Jim had decided to finally pop the big question. Here's how it went down:

Before they left the house, Jim hid a box with a ring inside in Emily's bowling shoe.  When they got to the lane, Emily sat down to put on her shoe, felt something inside, and pulled out the box. Jim knelt, opened the box, and asked the question. She, in a heartbeat, said yes. The whole place went into cheers.

The wedding is scheduled for sometime this fall. Mike and I will surely be there, provided it's not on a Wednesday night.



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