The organizer I created in the Inspiration program is for use in a second grade language arts classroom.  If fulfills the Georgia Performance Standards for the second grade writing process, in which a student "begins to write a respose to literature that demonstrates understanding of the text and expresses and supports an opinion.  It could be used by every student in the class, as a template for writing a persuasive paper.  My concept map would help organize their thoughts so that they could more efficiently put the required elements into their persuasive essay.

Concept maps in general are a very effective tool for organizing information in a very clear and easy to understand manner.  Using concept maps to write a paper helps students to remember what specific requirements a particular paper will require.  It would be easy for a second grader to forget what a persuasive paper is supposed to do, especially after they have recently learned the information.  Technology is easier than using pencil and paper to organize thoughts, so that each student can fit their individual thoughts into a standard template.

Some students may be limited in their work with concept maps, especially those who are auditory learners.  Concept maps rely more on an individual student's ability to work independently and discover the best way to organize things for themselves rather than having a teacher walk them through each step of the writing procecss.  The highest Loti level can be reached by using concept maps, especially if a student learns the basics of concept maps then decides on their own to organize specific data into a map to promote easier understanding of that material.  These are all barriers to using the Inspiration tool.

 As a university student, I have often used concept maps when writing papers.  It helps me to not leave any required elements out of the writing assignment.  Concept mapping is also useful for writing notes in a more organized way than the material is presented during lecture classes.  I am a visual learner, so I find that color-coding concept maps helps to further my understanding of the material on the map.