PowerPoint Game

My PowerPoint game is called "The Animal Kingdom" and is designed for use in a second grade Language Arts classroom.  It was made to accompany Dr. Seuss' book If I Ran the Zoo.  The Georgia Performance Standards for second grade Language Arts emphasize reading comprehension and teaching students to read a piece of writing for understanding.  Playing a game like "The Animal Kingdom" after reading If I Ran the Zoo encourages students to really understand what they are reading on a deeper level as they are called upon to use that information in a game of chance and knowledge.

My game could be used in a classroom to test reading comprehension.  Often when students are required to read something they will read it but not really understand the message it was written to convey to a particular audience.  Along with reading comprehension comes the understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary skills.  It will be difficult for a child to read a writing for the purpose of retaining that information when they are struggling with the basic reading of that text.  "The Animal Kingdom" addresses both the reading comprehension goals of second grade Language Arts as well as grammar and vocabulary aspects of a Language Arts education.