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Welcome to my portfolio for EDIT 2000.  This semester I have focused on creating activities and lesson plans for a second grade Language Arts classroom.  To the left you will find links to each of the projects I have completed this semester.  The productivity tools link includes my newsletter, calendar, grading rubric and attendance sheet, pictograph, seating chart, name tags, certificates, and a field trip permission form.  

The digital images page links to the iMovie I made with the Mac program.  This page also has ideas for lesson plans that incorporate the use of iMovie in a classroom.  The Insipration page provides a link to the concept map I created using the Inspiration program.

The PowerPoint page gives a link to my homemade PowerPoint game, and you can find my WebQuest lesson plan by clicking on the WebQuest link.  Finally, the Capston page includes a link to my lesson plan created for my WebQuest lesson plan using the ASSURE model.