Run 2132 - Kenny's New Restaurant

Date: Sunday 11 August 2019

Time: 1500 hours = 3pm

Hare: Mystery

Run Start Location: Fat Belly Butcher & Gin House, 6-16 Tung Cheung St, Tai Po


Start: MAP

Trail: A to A


Public Transport: There’s a link above so work it out yourself it ain’t rocket science

Nearest MTR: Tai Po Market

Buckets: Kenny

On On: Kenny’s new restaurant

Hare's Comment: Before you moaning bastards start (yes you know who you are!) this is the official opening of Kenny’s new restaurant and the free piss stops at 5pm (starts 1pm if you fancy a livener or three before the run). Hence the early start.

Webshite's Comment: Oh my God! They killed Kenny!