Run 2129 - Vagical Mystery Tour

Date: Sunday 21 July 2019

Time: 1600 hours = 4pm

Hare: Geriatric - 9802 9486

Run Start Location: 17 Wong Keng Tei Village, Tai Mong Tsai Road .


Start: Geriatrics-by-the-sea

Trail: A to A


I am he as you are he as you are me

And we are all together

Public Transport: KMB No. 94 from Sai Kung to Wong Shek Pier or No. 96R from Diamond Hill.

Sitting on a corn flake

Waiting for the van to come

Driving: Look out for a large "17" and flour splodge on wall..

Parking: Please park on a mushroom at the start.

I am the egg man

They are the egg men

I am the walrus

Nearest MTR: University MTR

Mr. City policeman sitting

Pretty little policemen in a row

Buckets: Moonie & Tangerine Dream

Crabalocker fishwife pornographic priestess

On On: Hare will lay on fire, bangers, buns, salads and trimmings. Cheese is probable.

Webshite's Comment: I am the egg man. They are the buckets. I am the Webshite. Goo goo g'joob.

A map big enough for even the hare's knackered old eyes to see, so no excuses!