Run 2126 - Sanctions Run

Date: Sunday 30 June 2019

Time: 1600 hours = 4pm

Hare: Farsi Pants

Run Start Location: Wan Tau Kok Playground, Tai Po (near tennis courts)


Start: Wan Tau Kok Playground

Trail: Around the valley with a virgin Rambo trail


Public Transport: MTR to Tai Po Market Station. After exiting turnstiles turn right. Walk for about 100m then turn right through underpass (under railway line) and you are there. 5 mins tops.

Parking: At the top of Wan Tau Kok Lane. From top of Wan Tau Kok Lane walk down about 50m and turn left into the playground. Walk down past toilets and in between the tennis courts and 5-A-S soccer pitch towards MTR station.

Nearest MTR: Tai Po Market

Nearest Pub: The King's Belly

Buckets: Moonie & Tangerine Dream

Hare Raiser's Comment: Come on you bastards; we need hares!

Webshite's Comment: In the hope of a peaceful resolution to the latest Iran crisis