Run 2124 - Philippine Independence Day

Date: Sunday 15 June 2019

Time: 1500 hours = 3pm

Hare: Rodrigo Duterte

Run Start Location: Sek Kong water catchment "The Catchment" BBQ pits


Start: The Catchment

Trail: A to A


Public Transport: From Tai Wo MTR (East Rail) - 64K KMB bus or 25K green minibus alight near Sheung Tsuen playground and walk (approx 1km)

From Kam Sheung Road MTR (West Rail) - 72 green minibus, alight at Shek Kong Barracks and walk (approx 500m)

Nearest MTR: Tai Wo (East Rail) or Kam Sheung Road (West Rail)

Nearest Pub: Kwan Yik Store

Best Parking: Somewhere near Kap Lung Ancient Trail

Worst Parking: In the middle of Kap Lung Ancient Trail...

Buckets: Manuel L Quezon

OnOn: Kwan Yik Store, or curryhouse near Route Twisk roundabout, or BBQ?

Hare's Comments: Wear your best Philippine national garb and munch on traditional Philippine food