Run 2123 - Operation Shout Out Kok


Date: Sunday 9 June 2019

Time: 1600 hours = 4pm

Hare: LSG & Dingaling 9674 9069

Rendezvous Point: Shan Tsui Village, Sha Tau Kok



Route: A to extraction point A for dust off


For Mechanised Units: Recommend that you use the new Sha Tau Kok/Heung Yuen Wai tunnel that opened recently (entrance from the highway near Hong Lok Yuen) - see Intelligence Report Items 1 & 2

Follow the signs for Sha Tau Kok but when you do get to STK, be very careful.

With the tunnel it is a 14 minute journey from Hong Lok Yuen.

Do NOT cross enemy lines…

Turn left here when you see the whites of their eyes… into Shan Tsui Village Road and follow to the pagoda at the end of that road - see Intelligence Report Item 3

For Infantry Units:

Minibus 55K from Sheung Shui Landmark North (via Fanling) will get you within easy marching distance. Get off at Tam Shui Hang bus stop and follow markings to start.

Walking route from bus stop to run start

A taxi will seriously reveal your position to the enemy; suggest you blag a lift with someone!

Buckets: AWOL

OnOn: Tucker and NAAFI tea will be available after the “bimble” exercise has been fully executed.

Hare's Comment: Bring your best “Kok!”… and always keep it polished, ready for action and at full attention!

Webshite's Comment: Many Bothans died to bring us this information.


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