Run 2104 - Another Wee Dram

Date: Sunday 27th January 2019

Time: 1500 hours = 3pm WINTER TIME

Hare: Dram

Hare Hotline: 98691320

Run Start Location: the pagoda about 200m up the side road from the Kwan Yick store (Leafy Glade)

Maps: Google Map

Trail: A to A


Public Transport: KMB 64K from Tai Wo MTR station (from east) and Kam Sheung Road MTR station (from west) or the green minibus 25K from Tai Wo

Nearest facilities: Public toilet nearby. It's better than nothing, apart from the fetid stinkhole that is the toilet of Kwan Yick store, in which case nothing is indeed better.

Nearest Decent Pub: King's Belly, Tai Po

Parking: In the lane near the store, if you're lucky, preferably upwind

Buckets: Stunt Double?

OnOn: Kwan Yick store?

Webshite's Comment: Mowah