Run 2101 - Golden Holes

Date: Sunday 6th January 2019

Time: 1500 hours = 3pm WINTER TIME

Hare: Goldenballs

Run Start Location: dirt car park near "19th Hole" (Lotus Cafe), Hong Kong Golf Club

Location: Sheung Shui


Start: Google map


Trail: A to A


Public Transport: From Shueng Shui MTR station

Nearest MTR: Sheung Shui

Nearest Pub: "19th Hole" Lotus Cafe

Parking: A dirt car park somewhere near Lotus Cafe

Buckets: Stunt Double

OnOn: "19th Hole" Lotus Cafe

Hare's Comments: Park at the start - the usual car park.

Webshite's Comments: Saying "park at the start - the usual car park" is about as helpful for those who don't know the area as telling them to go fuck themselves.