Run 2095 - The Hare's Other Half

Date: Sunday 25th November 2018

Time: 1500 hours = 3pm WINTER TIME

Hare: Walky Pants or Farty Talk

Run Start Location: Leafy Glade

Maps: Google Map

Start: Kwan Yik Convenience Store

Trail: A to A


For Posh Nobs in Cars: Really? You don't know the way there by now? Oh, alright then... Proceed along Lam Kam Road, from the direction of the Lam Kam Road Interchange (Hong Lok Yuen roundabout off Route 9) and after passing Chung Uk Village on your right, Kwan Yik Store is on the corner on your right. Coming from the other direction, things will appear in reverse order and on your left.

Public Transport: 25K Green Minibus from Tai Wo station or 64K Green Minibus from Kam Sheing Road MTR

Nearest MTR: Tai Wo

Nearest facilities: So basic they make Camp Bastion look positively palatial. Around the back of the store there is a tin shack with a hole in the floor. That is a toilet. If you are brave enough to order food, remember that it is prepared mere feet away from this "toilet" by the same people who use it and think it is normal.

Nearest Decent Pub: King's Belly, Tai Po

Parking: In the lane beside the store.

Buckets: North and South

OnOn: Prepared by the same grimy fingernailed harridan who unhappily serves your beers. You have been warned!

Webshite's Comment: Some say that his farty talk is precisely how Farty Pants ensnared ex-beauty queen and gymkhana specialist Walky Talky, aeons ago.

Hare's Comment: Hare Walky Talky is poorly so replacement/stand-in/lookalike/other half Farty Pants shall endeavour to reach the parts that other hares cannot.