Run 2099 - A Victimless Crime

Date: Sunday 23rd December 2018

Time: 1500 hours = 3pm WINTER TIME

Hare: Victim

Run Start Location: Victim and North & South's home on Fan Kam Road

Location: Fan Kam Road/ Pat Heung /Sheung Che/Fu Hing Garden [NOT THE ONE IN TAI TONG!] /Block K/New Territories. Our home is less than a minute walk from Fan Kam Road. 八鄉上輋富興花園 (近竹坑村巴士站)

Maps: Google Map

Somewhat predictably for a full-time lecturer of English language, this weeks' hare has opted to write a bloomin' essay!


Via public transport: Go to either Sheung Shui MTR or to Kam Sheung MTR and take a taxi ($65, $45). If you are coming from Sheung Shui the turn is on your right; if you are coming from Kam Sheung, it’s on your left). Show the driver the Chinese above.

You can also take the 77K bus from either MTR stop. From Kam Sheung, head towards Sheung Shui (turn is on the left). From Sheung Shui, head towards Yuen Long (turn is on the right). Get off at CHUK HANG TSUEN. The ride will be less than 15 mins if no traffic.

If you are Chinese or you speak Cantonese, there is a red minibus (no.18) from Yuen Long or from Sheung Shui via Fan Kam Road. Ask driver to let you off at Chuk Hang Tsuen Bus-Stop. The fare is HK$8 only. If you speak Mandarin, then you can just hop right back across the border like the smelly little urchin you are!

From Tai Po or Lam Tsuen, there is no direct transportation to our home. You can take red minibus or 64K bus and get off at the first stop at Kam Sheung Road and change a taxi to our home or you can get off at Kam Sheung Station and change 77k to our home.

If you are driving or taking a taxi from elsewhere:

(from South): Take Route 9 North. Exit at Hong Lok Yuen and take the first LEFT at the roundabout onto Lam Kam Road. Take the hilly and meandering Lam Kam Road a long way, past Kadoorie Farm on your left. After the downhill, go straight at the first roundabout (at Route Twisk, gas station and restaurants on your right). At the second roundabout, at the Pat Heung Police and Fire station, take a sharp right onto Fan Kam Road. Drive about 3 kilometers (past two traffic lights) and turn left immediately after you see the huge white board with “NH” written on it at a bus stop (on your left). We’ll try to put a sign up on the road with “JG” written on it, to give you further guidance. If you turn left at Sheung Che, you’ve gone only a little too far.

When you inevitably get lost, call Victim (6231-3710).

Hare's Comments: Considering the academic calibre of the author of the diatribe above, it really was riddled with grammatical errors and mistakes. I wouldn't send my kids to his university, that's for sure!

You're somewhere near the start when you see this shithole. Who's been sticking stuff all over his front wall? That's what I want to know!

This photo was taken by a local Communist Party cadre from Sheung Shui looking towards Kam Sheung/Kam Tin (Fan Kam Road) direction. Right turn into the village before you pass the NH white signboard.