Run 2092- Gunpowder Plot's Eve

Above image: Mr Plod inspecting his latest firework purchase

Date: Sunday 4th November 2018

Time: 1500 hours = 3pm WINTER TIME

Hare: Gunpowder Plod 9307 2041

Run Start Location: shelter on Po Lo Che Road near Kak Hang Tun Road, Sai Kung




For those born this century: Google Map

For Dingaling: 22°23'40.5"N 114°15'39.2"E

Trail: A to A, Rambos and Wimps


For Posh Nobs in Cars: keep going 2+ Km on Po Lo Che Road until you see the shelter on your right just past Kak Hang Tun Road

Public Transport: MTR then green minibus or bus from Choi Hung, Hang Hau or Wu Kai Sha then taxi or hitch a lift

Nearest MTR: Wu Kai Sha

Nearest facilities: bushes at A

Nearest Decent Pub: take your pick in Sai Kung Town

Best Parking: at A

Buckets: ?

OnOn: on site BYO BBQ

Webshite's Comment: Despite Hare's complaints that images cannot be added to the new website, unfunny cartoon below proves otherwise

Hare's Comment: Mrs Plod, who has banned fireworks and bonfires, will be far away...