Run 2088 - Oktoberfukup

A decidedly old school approach from this week's hare. Run start location sent via the world wide web, from a device capable of receiving coordinates bounced from geostationary satellites; a digital photograph of an actual map!

Next week, in a bid to regress the hash yet further in time, we'll be sending start point coordinates using Morse Code and send run notices via carrier pigeon. Expect to see only Dram and Geriatric at that one...

On On!

Date: Sunday 7 Oktober 2018

Time: 1600 hours = 4pm

Hare: Golden Balls

Run Start Location:


Start: Sinister Scissor Blade Points


Trail: A to A


For Posh Nobs in Cars: From Fanling take Sha Tau Kok Rd heading east. Pass Luen Wo Hui market town on the left and the industrial area on the right. After crossing Ma Wat River take the first left to San UK Tsuen. Keep on road past Suen Douh Camp and Kan Lung Tsuen (San Wai walled village). Cross the bridge over Ng Tung River (towards Siu Hang Tsuen). Turn left immediately on the nullah road.

Public Transport from Sheung Shui MTR: Green Minibus 55K to Sha Tau Kok. Alight at Lung Yeuk Tau. Or possibly change to 52A minibus at Fanling House Road opposite the school

Nearest MTR: Sheung Shui

Nearest Decent Pub: King's Belly

Best Parking: Near pavilion marked by "sinister scissor blade"

Buckets: Golden Balls

OnOn: Not unless you fancy singing for your supper

Hare's Comments: "Start where the sinister scissor blade points"

Webshite's Comments: I think we're all well aware that there's some seriously weird shit going on in Hong Kong, and it just gets weirder the nearer you get to the border. Golden Balls and Catch of the Day have clearly drunk too much of the local river water, because not only has Catch of the Day mysteriously vanished, along with the promise of Oktoberfest, but Golden Balls will set a run whilst simultaneously doing buckets! Bizarre!