Run 2087 - Leafy Glade It Isn't Then


Rather than the usual ill thought out and under researched stumble up a hillside, into a thicket of dense shiggy and back again fustercluck we associate with Salesman runs, it has been decided that this will be some kind of path clearing exercise instead.

Doing AFCD's job so they don't have to (no, not concreting over ancient trails), since they are so hard working, we thought that we would get together and clear some paths for them.

Recommended minimum level of protection: rubber gloves, swimming goggles and a shower cap.

Weather forecast for extremely hot weather, so bring a good quantity of water.

On On!

Date: Sunday 30 September 2018

Time: 1600 hours = 4pm

Hare: Salesman

Run Start Location: Sek Kong water catchment "The Catchment"


Start: The Catchment


Trail: A to A


Public Transport: From Tai Wo MTR (East Rail) - 64K KMB bus or 25K green minibus alight near Sheung Tsuen playground and walk (approx 1km)

From Kam Sheung Road MTR (West Rail) - 72 green minibus, alight at Shek Kong Barracks and walk (approx 500m)

Nearest MTR: Tai Wo (East Rail) or Kam Sheung Road (West Rail)

Nearest Pub: Kwan Yik Store

Best Parking: Somewhere near Kap Lung Ancient Trail

Worst Parking: In the middle of Kap Lung Ancient Trail...

Buckets: Fartypants & Walky Talky

OnOn: Kwan Yik Store, or curryhouse near Route Twisk roundabout, or BBQ?

Hare's Comments: "Bring sausages, secateurs and wine. I'm in Hanoi, acting like Anthony Bourdain (on a good day)"