Run 2086 - Piss Off, All the Trees Are Down

UPDATE: Hare was planning to set a run from Tai Mo Shan but the road is closed after the access on to the catch water at Sek Kong. An alternative is being planned with the usual mix of determination and military precision associated with SKH3 runs...

Date: Sunday 23 September 2018

Time: 1600 hours = 4pm

Hare: Back To The Future

Run Start Location: Kam Sheung Road MTR station, exit A


Start: Kam Sheung Road MTR station, exit A


Trail: A to A


Public Transport: Take MTR West Rail Line. Alight at Kam Sheung Road

Nearest MTR: Kam Sheung Road

Nearest Pub: 星河動感時代卡拉OK酒廊

Best Parking: Car park immediately adjacent to MTR station

Worst Parking: Blocking entrance to MTR station

Buckets: Farty Pants and Walkie Talkie

OnOn: Kam Tin Road Dai Pai Dong?

GM's Comments: "Let's see if this takes 2 days to work its way through Yahoo..."