Audio/Video Chapter 1: Falling Down the Aether Sky
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Chapter 1: Ruby

'Movie' trailer for the cyberpunk novels of Sekji Ani: Book Trailer: Falling Down the Aether Sky and Approaching the Well of Still Time. Watch it on YouTube

 Ruby returns home, penniless and desperate. She is plunged into a strange world of data thieves, cyberghosts and 'space addiction, the virtual world augmented by drugs and implants. There are rumors of monsters in ‘space, of people disappeared, a seductive destroyer that people at the end of their sanity go to meet in the badlands between the slabs that house the virtual environments. Other people and names begin to emerge with their own agenda: J’Qwan and Hylinski, Sweetman, Marika and Berke. They all make decisions that impact other lives and slowly shift their intersections both in Flesh and ‘Space.  All these occurrences whirl closer, until one event collides and forever changes the world. Something is discovered that will be the bane or boon of humanity and it is a race to see who will get it first.
The sequel to Falling Down the Aether Sky

The infinite realms of cyberspace have erupted and shattered, lives blowing apart in all directions. The realization that technology is a double-edge sword unleashes fear and violence across the world. Lives are adrift, pursued by forces beyond their control. Refat, plagued by his hand in the tragedy, searches for redemption in a city, teetering on the brink of collapse. Hools and Durig flee south to find refuge in the flooded ruins of New Orleans. Greven and Hylinski play a game of deadly chess with Lawton, the manipulator, Marika becoming their reluctant soldier.  

And Ruby, at the epicenter, embarks on a perilous journey to find the source of the madness, the monster in the machine, before it destroys all of humanity. 

The convergences have collided and the maelstrom is consuming the world.




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