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IITM Research Scholars

You can find documents and information related to IITM Research scholars here

General documents

IITM students body [pdf

Formation of Committee's under RAS [Doc]

Proposed List of Placement Committee members [Doc}

Proposed List of Website Committee members [Doc]

Format - Volunteers Nomination form [Doc]

Placement Feedback Form (2007-'08) [Doc]


Research Scholar Forum - IIT Madras

When i was Engineering Councillor (2007-'08) at IIT Madras representing the PhD scholars of all engineering departments, I have prepared a powerpoint presentation explaining the activities of the RAC (Research Affairs Council).

Hope this helps any new scholar at IIT Madras to get aquaintained with the RAC and its activities. 

Find the PPT here [PPT]

Documents related to PhD Thesis submission


All scholars must give seminar of their thesis work. MS (1) and PhD (1 and 2).

Seminar's need to to be informed to the Institute "campus news" through Guide -> HOD, Departmental Campus news incharge -> Directors office.

within the department also, a circular need to be sent thro HOD's office.

Campus news letter & Circular format [Doc-MS2003.doc]

Sumitting thesis

Requirements to submit the thesis by scholars [Doc-MS2003]

Declaration by the research scholar [Doc-MS2003]

Particulars of the scholar thesis [Doc-MS2003]

Thesis forwarding note [Doc-MS2003]

MS and PhD Synopsis submission format [PDF]

MS and PhD Thesis submission format [PDF]

Relieving from the Institute

In case if any scholar wishes to get relieved from the institute before submitting their thesis, a separate DC need to be convened for that and the DC recommendation to issue relieving is required. 

To conduct DC, HOD office need to be requested.

Relieving b4 submitting thesis [Doc-MS2003]

Some recent links I found relevant to thesis submission @ IIT Madras

Department of Physics, IIT Madras:

Department of CS, IIT Madras: