I will be posting the Funny SMS messages that i receive, cartoons i see, etc., here !!! Just enjoy !!!

SMS Funnies !!! 


Two persons met in an aeroplane and had a bet that if the first person fails to answer second persons question, he must give 5$ and in vice versa a 500$. 

  • First Person : What is the distance between earth and moon?
  • Second person : <silently gave 5$> and asked Name the animal which goes up the mountain with three legs and come down with 5 legs.
  • First Person : <after 2 hrs of search in google, silently gave 500$ to him> and asked 'What is the answer?'
  • Second person : <gave a smile and give another 5$ to him>

Be careful with betting ! Chances are more for losing !!!

(Read in Tamil)

Father to Son : Yeanda ippadi ponnunga pinnadi suthare... naalu peru paartha enna solluvaanga ??

Son to Father : hmmm... appanukku pulla thappama piranthu irukku enru solluvaanga... 

Thathuvam (Read in Tamil)

Miss(ed) call potta thappu ille.. miss mele kaal potta thaan thappu ??? (Enge irunthu da kndu pudikireenga... saaamy)

Thathuvam (Read in Tamil)
thanga chaina urukina thangam varum... velli chaina urukkina velli varum...
Aana Cycle chain urukkina cycle varuma... (kodumai da ssamy) 


 Summer Special :
Current irunthaa "Kaithan" fan. current illenna "Kai Thaan" Fan.... :)