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My Friends.... it is evergrowing

Information : The photos are not in any particular order. They are just random picks !!!

 Mr. Paary shared same room in hostels with me for the entire B.E. course duartion in IRTT, Erode

Me and wife Uma with Paary and Srinivasan - 'Bhramotsav 2004' - hostel day at IIT Madras

 Mr. Babu - Presently at L&T Infotech, Chennai

Mr. Theanmani - Project Officer - IIT Madras. Did his masters in Aerospace here

Siva at tight work

 Mr. Abdul - one of my close friend

 Mr. Abdul's Betrothal @ Trichy

 Mr. Rangarajan - Project Associate - 'STICK' cricketer

 Mr. Mohan with Mr. Mahendran.

Mahe is my close friend working with me in turbo machines lab. We have spent so many sleepless lab nights along with our new P4 1 GB RAM 3.4 Ghz hp xw4200 Workstations

Mahendran is working in secondary flows and losses 

 Mr. Murari Sridhar - My senior in TTML, gave some good advice when needed, worked in rotor-stator interaction with film cooling

 Sridhar - recently taken photo

Our Professor's room - old arrangement - Prasanth, Ravishankar, Theanmani and Sridhar

Mr. Ravi shankar sastry is Presently with ISRO

 Mr. BVN Ramakumar - Working in multiple jets, jet interaction heat transfer on concave leading edge of gas turbine blade

 Mr. Ashok Velde - MS scholar in our lab

"The Turbo Machines Group" - 'C' the Banner

Mr. Arun Prasad - Heat Transfer Specialist - my sweet neighbour in Zig Zag Road, IIT Madras

Senthil - PhD - IIT Madras


 Mr. Mohan Dass - Venkateswara college

 Friends went to IIT Delhi - conference venue

Mr. Karthikeyan - "Projee" - one of best friend of mine

 Mr. "Karamadai" Sivakumar - iam still "GOOGLING" about his whereabouts

 Badri, Prakash and Manoj at Sydney

 Mr. Amarnath - taken at Bangalore park

 with Mr. Pratap and Mr. Ramana at IIT Guwahathi - Jan 2006

Mr. Prasad - Student General Secretary - IIT Madras

With Mr. Vishnu vardhan in his SIANG Hostel room @ IITG

Mr. Hari Shankar @ SIANG Hostel, IITG

 Mr. Anish - My lab mate & a good friend

 Mr. Gopi with his wife in US - Gopi is my batchmate in IRTT

 Mr. Gopikrishna with his wife- Gopks is my UG class mate and one of the "Mumoorthigal"

 Prabhudass, "Beer"Ramesh, Baranidaran - 'B' of BPLM Group (how slim u r barani... those days?...), convent and "Patti" Saravanan

 Mr. Manikangan - "Toms" with his wife. Mani is my batchmate in IRTT. We had good time in IRTT. 'M' of the BPLM Group

 Parrry, Me, Srinivasan and Partha,'P' of the BPLM Group, banyan tree near my home @ IIT Madras.

 Mr. Logesh - Part of Hyundai Team in Chennai. Member of BPLM Group, contributing the L

With Logesh's family in his home - when manikandan came to India

My Friend Dr. Mathew Mithra Noel, Professor in Northfolk State Univ, US with his Wife in NSU Park.

Mr. Mathew Mithra Noel, Looking like "NEO" of Matrix Trilogy