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Find here some important moments of mine, which i want to share

We are going towards Tanjore

 Tanjore Maharaja's Palace - A View

Tower @ Tanjore 

A view

Entrance to tower

viewed from the top - see the levels

Roof of a building

Grandma's relaxing

We are climbing the tower at the palace

At the top of the tower - Tanjore city in the background

 My brother Sivagaminathan

Kings Museum - Tanjore

 Uncle enjoying himslef

 Monument to prove ancient talent

 Architectural beauty

 Temple entrance

Temple entrance - another view

 In the balcony @ F3/29, Zig Zag Road

We used to enjoy the scenic beauty in front of my home, sitting in the balcony platform. Deers graze nearby.

That too in the rainy days, the area will be looking fantastic. 

One fine rainy day in IIT -from my balcony

 "spotted deer" spotted in front of my block

With Rajamanickam, Murugan and Paary @ Ooty

When i was "residing" in 101, TTML. Now my roomno. is 203, TTML

Me, Raju and Deiveegan @ Howrah Bridge, Calcutta

Raju, Kesav, Me, Deiveegan in front of Asia's Largest Banyan Tree   @ Indian Botanical Gardens in Howrah, Calcutta

 At Shillong's Laitkor Peak, Meghalaya

 Reddy, Me & Bansode enroute to Shillong

We are relaxing at "Bora Pani" Lake

"Bora Pani Lake" - Behind me

Near water falls @ Mattilang Amusement Park, Upper Shillong

 "Majestic Mechies" at Aazhiyar dam


 Our CAD/CAM Lab @ IRTT (L -> R: CAD saravanan, Raviananad, DUMEEL Paary, CONVENT Venkatesh, Me & Rajamanickam)

 Chidambaram Temple corridor - M R Senthil, Manoharan, Sivamurugan, Me, Paary, Manivannan, Rajamanickam

 Mr. Mahendran - in a elite mood

 Partha laughing (why partha...?) and me

 Mine and Partha family with paary and srinivasan - this scenic place is also in front of my home in IIT Madras. Iam lucky to live here for few years during my PhD course work.


 Mr. Prashanth Kumar with Abdul - TTML 101

 My cousin Mr. Rajmohan with his wife Mrs. Shankari

  Enroute to Ayyar Malai, Musiri, TamilNadu - Brother siva being the "sarathy"

Climbing Ayyar Malai

" Saptha Kannigas" - Ayyar Malai

 Me with uma - Ayyar Malai

Uma, Brother Nanda kumar, siva, Harikrishnan and Master. Hari

Ancient Temple walls @ Ayyar malai

Amar relaxing - smile please amar :)

A bird

 "ISKON" - Bangalore



Sivagaminathan & Friends

@ Antony's Home

 Modern farmers - discussing abt pesticides ???

Gopal Auditing water levels - with Antony and siva

Siva with Harikrishan @ gopal's room

Gopal going to RECT.. with anto

Again with abdul ... do u fear anto's drive .. gopal

in front of Library

"OCTAGON" - gave oxygen to many RECTIANS

@ the DoME entrance

What a expression - ennatha padichi ??

Our "Snaketaria" - then RECT

Antony in my aunty's home

Happy Birthday Siva

Posing for ????

Gopal feeds Bday Baby

Mr. Vishnu

Association of PA's @ 101, TTML


Master. Nandakumar S/o. Mr. Ramakumar BVN - my senior in TTML. Nandakumar is a clever boy

 Master. Aalavandhan Rajasekaran - S/o. :"IRTT's S.P.B." Vaseegaran

 Baby Mothika - D/o. Sivamurugan

 Baby Tanesha - D/o. Natarajan - my brother

Master. Vishvaraj sundar - S/o. Muthiah - my cousin brother

Anwita - D/o. Mrs. Gayathri Rathnam - My Colleague @ SACET