My Personal Details 


  •  Father : Mr. D. Narasingamurthi

           My father is presenly Section Officer in State Transport Corporation, Trichy, Tamil Nadu. 

  • Mother : Mrs. Gomathi Narasingamurthi

           House wife and one of the best cooks I know. She is famous among our family for her hospitality and the nice, tasty dishes she cooks.

 Amma, Siva, Appa and Me


  • Younger Brother  : Mr. Sivagaminathan

          We have a proverb in Tamil (my mother tongue).

"Thambi udaiyaan, Padaikku anjaan" - One who has a brother, never has to worry about anything. He is an example of that proverb.

 Mr.  Sivagaminathan



  • Wife : Mrs. Uma

        I surrendered my Bachelor's License to Ms. Uma on one fine day. That day is 01, February 2004.

Small family, Cute family :)


  •  Son : Master. Dhananjay Kumar

         We are blessed with a cute little master on a beautiful day early morning (04, December 2005   -  05:47 a.m. exact). Find here some of my photoshop works i did for my son's naming ceremony.

 My son's Naming Ceremony Invitation - Tamil

My son's Naming Ceremony Invitation - English


  • My 'Horse' - Hero Honda Passion Plus 

 I love my Passion Plus (TN09 AF 2395). I Purchased it in April 2004


 Master. Dhananjay Kumar

These are the first photos of my son Dhananjay kumar. I took these on last friday 09.06.2006. We went to "Thiruvanaikaval Mariamman temple" to give "AnnaPayasam" to my son.

 Master. Dhananjay Kumar

 Dhananjay with his mom ... :)

Dhananjay with my mom Mrs. Gomathi. The coconut trees you are seeing behind were planted by me and my brother few years back 

 With my Grandma ... (My mother's aunty)

 Playing ...