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Committee Publications:

Sustainability Guidelines for the Structural Engineer

The SEI Sustainability Committee has published guidelines to educate and advise structural engineers as they meet the challenge to design and construct a more sustainable built environment. The guidelines, a 300-page book, have been released through the ASCE press. The guidelines provide valuable information on a variety of topics of interest to the structural engineering community. While the intended audience is structural engineers, all design professionals will benefit from the content.

The guidelines are organized into five sections: Sustainable Design and Construction, Sustainable Strategies, Building Materials, Infrastructure, and Case Studies. Although many of the subjects presented are related, each section — and the related subsections — have been written to stand alone.

The committee is pleased to announce that the guidelines are available for purchase through ASCE press.  Find out how your firm can improve upon sustainability through its designs!

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Committee-Recommended Publications:


Most of the emissions from industry arise from producing just five key materials and, as they're already made very efficiently, if we want to reduce their impact, we have to use less of them.This book is written to shown how we can use a lot less material without a lot of pain.
Allwood, Julian M.; Cullen, Jonathan M., et al. available at

Conference Proceedings

Consideration of Building Performance in Sustainable Design: A Structural Engineer’s Role SEAOC 2008 Convention Proceedings

Structural Engineering Strategies Towards Sustainable Design
This document is an update from the paper initially published in the SEAOC 2006 Convention Proceedings


Standards and codes for high-performance green buildings
VanGeem, Martha; Lorenz, Emily. The Construction Specifier. October 2011


Greenroads Foundation Certifies World's First Greenroad
Press release by Greenroads Foundation about the Meador Kansas Ellis Trail Project in Bellingham, Washington. February 29, 2012