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Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is comprised of two important parts:

  1. Advancing the understanding of sustainability in the structural community.
  2. Incorporating concepts of sustainability into structural engineering standards and practices.

Committee Goals

In 2010 we completed a major goal and accomplishment.  Since nearly the inception of our committee in 2005, our members have been collaboratively writing a book on sustainability practices for the structural engineering community.  We are very proud to announce that Sustainability Guidelines for the Structural Engineer has been published by ASCE (October, 2010).
And our work continues...
We are focusing on completing the following in 2011:
  1. Develop our website as a hub for structural engineers, architects and builders to learn more about reducing the environmental impact of structures.
  2. Produce a white paper on the carbon footprint of structural materials and systems.
  3. Compile a database of existing research articles and reports on the application of LCA to building materials, whole buildings and infrastructure.
  4. Monitor and provide information on green codes and standards (LEED, CalGreen, GreenGlobes, and ASHRAE) and how they may affect structural engineering practice.  Alert community for opportunities to submit public comments and cast ballots on codes, standards, and rating-systems.
  5. Advocate for the acceptance of green/sustainability project rating systems within the bridge and tunnel industries. Collect case study examples of sustainable infrastructure best practices that have been successfully implemented.
  6. Write and publish a document, in conjunction with AISC, about best practices related thermal steel bridging.  This is through the new Thermal Steel Bridging Task Committee arising out of, and hosted by, the SEI Sustainabilty committee.