A heritage speaker, also called a heritage language learner, is a student who is exposed to a language other than English at home. Some students may have full oral fluency and literacy in the heritage language; others may have full oral fluency, but their written literacy was not developed because they were usually schooled in English. Another group of students -- typically third- or fourth-generation -- can speak to a limited degree but have difficulty expressing themselves on a wide range of topics. Heritage speakers usually present a wide knowledge about their cultural heritage and a less experienced knowledge about other Spanish speaking countries.

SPN 611D Heritage/Bilingual is the second course in the bilingual track in the Spanish language program geared towards native and/or heritage speakers. The course focuses on further developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Spanish while building vocabulary, learning advanced grammatical rules and terminology of Spanish grammar, and gaining a deeper understanding of Hispanic cultures in order to communicate in an accurate, effective, and informed manner within a variety of sociocultural situations.