Locations That Inspired The Show

Here are the New York City locations that inspired the creators of the show - Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

Comedy Club

Jerry Seinfeld used to perform stand up at the Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club, which is now the Vudu Lounge at 1487 1st Avenue. In the late 90's the club was located at 253 W. 28th Street, which was seen in the show.


Lee's Market at 1494 1st Avenue is where Jerry & Larry struck upon the idea of making a show about "nothing."

H & H Bagels

After a 12-year strike, Kramer finally returns to work at H & H Bagels. The real one at 2239 Broadway no doubt provided the inspiration for the show.

Jerry's Real-Life Apartment

Jerry's apartment address as noted in the show isĀ 129 W. 81st Street, #5A. Although his apartment in the show was filmed elsewhere, this was Jerry Seinfeld's actual apartment early in his stand-up career and no doubt the inspiration for the location in the show.


The Westway Diner at 614 9th Avenue was where Jerry Seinfeld & Larry David originally met to discuss story ideas for the show. This was likely the inspiration for "Monk's Cafe" in the show.

Soup Kitchen

The "Soup Nazi" who inspired the character in the show was Al Yeganeh, who operates the Soup Kitchen at 259 W. 55th Street. In the show, it was filmed on New York Street in CBS Studio Center.

Champagne Video

Champagne Video is where Elaine and Kramer go to rent videos in "The Comeback." At one time, there were several stores in this chain in New York, but most have closed shop including the one used in the show. For a while, the one at 213 W. 79th Street (now closed) was considered the "Seinfeld" store, though this doesn't appear to be the same one.