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The Zola

Length: 9 meters.
Height: 3.2 meters
Beam: 3.85 meters
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.4
Shield Strength: Light
Hull Strength: Good
Weapons: Two forward mounted phaser emitters (forward and side firing) One aft firing emmiter
Maximum Occupancy: 6

The Zola was brought aboard at Babylon Station following the theft of another shuttle, known as The Bee by one of the Axel's own crew members. It is of Kobali design and needed serious modifications for use by the Axel crew. It is relatively slow at sublight speeds, but extremely fast at warp. Weapons are of comparative strength to a Starfleet shuttle of the same size. It has a very durable hull. Shields are weak. There are airlocks on either side of the ship allowing entrance amidships with a docking ring fixture surrounding the doors for mating with stations and other ships. There are currently NO transporters aboard the Zola.