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The Bee


Developed specifically for the Defiant-class starship project, the Type-10 Personnel Shuttle is the largest departure from the traditional role of an auxiliary craft that Starfleet has made in the past century. Short of a dedicated fighter craft, the Type-10 is one of the most powerful auxiliary ships, with only the bulkier Type-11 being more heavily equipped. Nonetheless, the shuttle sports increased hull armor, phasers, and micro-torpedo launchers; as well as a suite of tactical jamming devices.

Elements from the Defiant-class project that were incorporated into the shuttle include armored bussard collectors, as well as a complex plasma venting system for use during possible warp core breech situations. This craft is equipped with a powerful navigational deflector that allows it to travel at high-warp, and a complex sensor system makes this shuttle suitable for reconnaissance work. It is able to hold its own in battle situations.

The Bee is a variant on the Type 10 as stated at left. As a type 10e (enhanced), it has been modified with specialized wings which give it superior flight capabilities in atmospheric conditions. In addition, the tactical jamming system has been ramped up a notch. When activated, the Bee is almost completely invisible to sensors. It has a maximum cruise speed of Warp 4, with a maximum warp of 4.5 for up to 3 hours. It's yellow and black paint job is another departure from the norm.

The ship is intented to accomodate up to 4 people on missions lasting for up to 1 week with basic ammeneties as indicated below. Exit is possible through the main rear hatch as well as through emergency blowouts on the either side. First-aid and survival gear are tucked away in wall compartments in the aft cargo area.