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Original Schematics


By Belinda Allendar

Accommodation: 42 (10 cabins designed to house four each + Captain's cabin and XO's Cabin)

Classification: Freighter

Production Start Date: 2367

Production End Date: 2381

Current Status: Mothballed - parts available from salvage only


Length: 185.48 meters

Width: 116.64 meters

Height: 43 meters

Weight: 20,400 metric tons

Cargo capacity: 22,741 metric tons(note that this means that well over half the ship is cargo space - which could be converted to makeshift living space if we decide to take on refugees.)

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite

Number of Decks: 5

Recommended Yard Overhaul: 20 years (as originally designed, but the ship has had SEVERAL major modifications done to it since its creation. Imagine a '67 cargo van body with a '88 Cadillac engine, an '02 Kia exhaust system, and brand new top-of-the line tires and you get the general idea... And the whole thing desperately needs a paint job...)

Expected Duration: 120 years with refits


1 Ferengi-designed Dester P3 Warp Engine (refit)

1 Zinger Seven Impulse Unit (original)


Warp 4.0 Standard Cruising Speed

Warp 8 Maximum Cruising Speed

Warp 8.99 Maximum Attainable Speed (But we are talking risky here... and it wouldn't last long)


1 Type VII Federation-built Phaser Array (salvaged from an old shuttlecraft)


Compliment: 1 Quantum (dangerous, illegal, and of uncertain reliability), 40 Photon

1 MK 75 Direct Fire Photon/Quantum Torpedo Tube

Projectile Weapon:

2 Side-mounted PZ9 Rail Guns - Standard Marqui issue from 40 years ago...


FSQ-3 Primary Shield and Deflector Control System

Primary Computer System:

Gnomerez Smart Runner

Primary Navigation System: RAVMod 2 Warp Celestial Guidance (reconditioned)

Embarked Craft:

1Work Bee General Utility Craft

1 5-man shuttle (though you could cram nine in it in a pinch)

--------------- DECK LAYOUT ----------------

Deck 1

Main Bridge, Captain's Quarters and Ready Room (office is an anteroom), Vault, Escape Pod Access

Deck 2

Mess Hall (large kitchen with a U-shaped table in the center), Medical Bay, Armory, XO's Quarters, Lifesupport, Main Computer

Deck 3

Quarters set in a U-shape, Upper Engineering, Escape Pod Access, Gym (think cheap hotel workout room here: half a dozen pieces of equipment and some free-weights crammed into what was designed as quarters)

Deck 4

Main Engineering, Climate-Sensitive Storage (for the transport of biohazard and/or temperature-sensitive material), Hydroponics Lab (for growing a small amount of fresh food), Machine Shop (okay, so it is a glamorized tool-room...), Cargo Bay 2 (small, used for Axel Storage)

Deck 5 (Double height from other decks and accounting for half of the ship's volume)

Cargo Bays 1 and 3, Flight Deck, Transporter