"The Search"

(started January 2016)

The Seiklon Axel has been drawn into the search for a derelict starship intended to be refit and put back into service at Starfleet's Sentinel Station.  Commander Jeyan, the station's current XO will join the Axel crew for this venture.  

Together they will search a starship graveyard or two and do some salvaging.

 "Down The Rabbit Hole"

(started January 2016)

The Albatross's plot is being directly inspired by Lewis Caroll's famous novel, Alice in Wonderland.   We'll be seeing how we can intertwine elements of Wonderland in this interesting story.  

Introduction:  In a Tweedle space station PDQ-8 Harkon Harth son of the queen of the Star Queendom was in his hover chair smoking what appeared to be some futuristic hookah he grew impatient waiting for his supplies needed in order to mine the drug needed to pacify the underclass. surrounded by his large, mono-wheel robot with a titanium alloy housing, resistant to shrapnel and small arms fire. They where called Cardmens Its left arm contained a Glastinghouse X-25 Gatling laser for medium range engagements. For close-range suppression and crowd control, the Cardsmen mounts a 9 mm machine-gun in its right arm. However, these where only secondary weapons; concealed compartments in its shoulders contain M-235 missile launchers for long range and surface-to-air engagements, and a rapid-fire G-28 grenade launching system for close range engagements. The robots also have on board auto-repair systems to repair any damage sustained from combat. Thus armed, a Cardmen could handle nearly any combat situation.

Military Dress Attire of The Star Queendom