"The Rapong"

(started Aug 2015)

The Seiklon Axel head to the planet Xani IV, where they have the task of patching up a Magnesite ore freighter, recovering it's lost cargo, and towing it home.  It will put the new ship and its crew to the ultimate test of their abilities, escpecially since the Xan have found the ship already.  This is a problem for the Federation, since the Xan are a pre-warp civilization similar to Earth's in the late 1900's.  Having Magnesite could alter the natural course of their planetary development.  But seriously, why should WE care?

Still, we have a job to do and we'll do it, come hell or high water....right?  I feel sorry for the poor bastards who get in the way!


(started Aug 2015)

The former T'mur crew is taking the SS Albatross to the planet Yaeldra, where they hope to update their recovered vessel.

Still the planet has secrets and so do some of the crew of the Albatross!