Current Plots

Axel Plot
"Phoenix Crossover 1"
(started January 2015)

We're pairing up with our sister group, Starbase Phoenix, as Seiklon Axel runs to the Federation Starbase for resupply and repairs following a mercenary attack on the ship.  We intend to start off small and see how the two teams mesh before we launch into a large plot.  Be prepared for anything!

"Magellan's Point"
(started November 2014)

The SS T'mur heads to a rouge planetoid in the Purple Nebula that goes by the name Magellan's Point. It's a self contained colony of thugs and criminals. The goal of the T'mur is to deliver some supplies for T'Gak. As to what the goods are or why they will be used is not known to the crew.  Sometime in the nebula the nanites from the last mission will emerge and wreak havoc.