as played by Juliet Anderson

Name: Tallok
Gender: male
Race: Vulcan
Age: 28
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Skin: medium brown
Hair: short, black
Eyes: dark brown

Other notable features: Tallok has a small scar beneath his left eyefrom a fight in his youth.

Personality: Tallok is quiet and shy; he is somehwat emotionall sensitive yet has an inner strength. He has learned to balance his Vulcan practicality and logic with a healthy amount of emotions. He has an immense amount of mental and physical control.  Brief background: Tallok is one of the last living v'tosh ka'tur Vulcans, a "Vulcan without logic," although, contrary to the derogatory term for v'tosh ka'tur, he has as much logic as any other Vulcan, but does not believe it is necessary to supress emotions for the sake of that logic. Tallok had a stressful childhood due to his parents, interstellar merchants, constantly moving from spacestation
to spacestation, trade planet to trade planet, rendering their son with very little social life due to living such short amounts of time in any one place. As a result, Tallok was usually very non-talkative and reserved; he dealt with stress by teaching himself various martial arts and meditation techniques, therefore instilling in himself an impressive personal discipline. He is an expert in the Vulcan martial art tal-shaya. Tallok's uncle, a scholar from Janus IV, was v'tosh ka'tur, and taught Tallok how to balance logic with emotions. When he was 18 Tallok struck out on his own, purchasing a personal shuttle, and eventually staying on Setlin, where he worked as a security officer.